The time has come! Finally! We are working again! Comemorating the 60th anniversary of the devastating North Sea Flood in Hamburg on February 16.-17., 1962, the renowned authors of NIMMERWIEDERMEHR Dirk Schattner, idea and book, and Mario Stork, music, present us their newest collaboration . A personal story of a family, which transports us back into the time of the disaster. I play the role of Lisa in todays time as well co directing the show next to Harald Kratochwil (direction). We were very lucky to assemble fine and talented performers to draw attention to the subject. One has to lift one’s head only slightly to realize just how present the danger of floods are in our daily life, the flooding of the Ahrtal in Nordrhein-Westfalen in the summer of 2021, the immense rainfalls in NYC and Gävle, Sweden to only mention a few recent devastating examples. Unfortunately we all know, these will not be last. GEZEITENWENDE will be introduced as a staged reading and hopefully grow into a full production with time. We welcome you on February 12th and 16th. Details as in time and location you will find here Dates .